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California Standards Test (CST) and Special Education Students

Each spring, California students in grades 2 through 11 take a series of tests through the Standardized Testing and Reporting program, more commonly known as STAR. First administered in 1998, the STAR program requires all public schools in California to test students between mid-March and mid-June of every year.

The testing program has two parts. One part, the California Achievement Test, Sixth Edition (CAT/6), is a norm-referenced, multiple-choice test that compares California students with other students across the country. The test assesses students in grades 3 and 7 in reading, language, math and spelling.

The other part consists of standards-based tests designed to show how well California students are mastering the grade-level content standards established by the state Board of Education. In grades 2 through 11, the California Standards Tests (CST) cover English-language arts and mathematics. In grades 8, 10 and 11, the test adds history-social science. In grade 5, 8 and 10, students take a science test. In grades 9 through 11 students take the CST for the math and science course (such as algebra, geometry, physics or chemistry) that they are currently enrolled in. Ninth graders who are not yet taking algebra take the General Mathematics Standards Test. Students in grades 9 and 10 who had completed Algebra II or Integrated Mathematics during a previous school year, and grade 11 students who completed one of these two courses anytime prior to the beginning of testing, are required to take the Summative High School Mathematics CST.

Student with disabilities are able to take these examinations with Test Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications for California Statewide Assessments.


Complete list of Test Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications


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