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Visual and Performing Arts
   Teacher      Email  Syllabi/Other info
 Rebecca Blatter  Rebecca Blatter Ceramics 1
Ceramics 2
 IB Art 2
IB Art Deadlines
 Leslie Bohn  Leslie Bohn

 Film Appreciation 
IB Film Theory
Course Description
 Candade Evans
 Candace Evans
English 4
Art History
 Carol Griffitts  Carol Griffitts    Theatre Tech
Theatre 1
IB Theatre
Theatre 2,3 & 4
 Erick Hendrickson  Erick Henrickson   IB Theatre 
IB Film
Film Appreciation
MYP Design Film
 Emily Pankau  Emily Pankau
   Chamber Choir
Concert Choir
IB Music
 Elisabeth Payne  Elisabeth Payne  
Department Head
  Art 1
Art 2 & 3
IB Art 
Nathan Phung     Percussion
Wind Ensemble
 Audrey Reisenhoffer Audrey Reisenhoffer   Art History
 LaVenna Ware  Lavenna Ware    Art 1 

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