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Foreign Language

Foreign Language Teachers
A List of Cajon's Foreign Language Teachers
and their information.

Foreign Language Courses

Course Flow chart and information.

Foreign Language

The first two years of language study are devoted to acquiring the fundamental skills of conversation, grammar, reading and writing as well as an understanding of the culture. Each unit is designed so students can master specific skills and are able to ask and answer questions on specific topics in the foreign language. In the following years, the students learn additional phrases for conversation and continue to increase basic vocabulary skills. The advanced levels include more comprehensive oral responses, and the students examine more of the literature and culture of the country. Each year the goal of language learning is for the student to increase the ability to converse in and understand the language in both formal and informal situations. To enhance the student’s enjoyment of speaking, reading, and writing in the selected language, numerous supplementary materials are used. 




Possible Career Objectives for the Student with Foreign Language Training

 Accountant Diplomatic Corps  Museum Curator 
 Airline Flight Attendant  Doctor Nurse 
 Airline Ground Personnel  Educator  Personal Manager
 Art/Design  Fashion Industry  Police Officer
 Bilingual Aide  Government Agencies  Restaurant Worker
 Broadcaster  Historian  Secretary
 Business Rep. Overseas  Hotel Industry  Tour Director
 Court Reporter  Interpreter  Translator
 Customs Agent  Journalist  Travel Agent
 Department Store Personnel  Lawyer  Writer


High School Grad. Req: 

1 yr. of any visual or performing arts class or 1 yr. of any foreign language required for all  students.  

CSU/UC Requirements:   

*Minimum of 2 yrs. of the same foreign language required for university entrance.
*3 yrs. recommended.


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