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Cajon High School

Vocational Training Program

Level 1 Class (14-15 yrs) Heather Dana-Lozano 

Students, who enter Cajon High School, first go into the Level 1 class for the first 1-2 years or for an assessment period. This class is a campus-based class programmed to meet the needs of new of less independent students.  This class focuses on the Basics II curriculum, including functional academics, social skills, on campus beginning vocational skills, and mobility skills in the community. This class may be off-campus 1 day a week or more for community based outings.  Students remain in this class until they are ready to move into the Level II class.
                                                    Level II class (15-16yrs) Steve Reed

 The Level II class is a campus-based class continuing to focus on the Basics II Curriculum, including functional academics, social skills, on campus vocational skills, mobility skills and a beginning level off-campus volunteer/work experience training site in the community.   The students stay in the Level II class for the next 1 to 2 years.  The expectations at this level focus on higher independent skills, cooperation, and individual responsibility. This class is off campus 2 to 3 days a week (1 morning for volunteer/work experience and 1 or 2 days for community awareness based outings).  Students remain in this class until they are ready to move into the Level III class.

Level III Class (16-18) Catherine Leake

The Level III class is a campus-based/community-based class, shifting focus to incorporate more off-campus vocational training and independence.  The Level III class continues focus on The Basics II Curriculum and basic functional academics as it applies more to the expectations of the community.  Students experience an increase of on-campus responsibilities working with Cajon High School staff.  Students begin working at community sites, which offer support and structure required for successful beginning-level job training.  Level III is off-campus 3 days a week (1 day volunteer work experience,1 day paid work experience and 1 day vocational or community awareness based outings.

Level IV Class (18-20) Stephanie Castillo

The Level IV class continues The Basics Curriculum with much more emphasis on application of skills to the community.  At this level, the program is more community-based with less dependence on the school campus and more involvement with the natural expectations and responsibilities found in the community. This level is preparing students for work after they graduate.  This class is off-campus 4 days a week (2 days paid work experience, 1 day volunteer experience and 1 day vocational or community awareness based outings.) Students are introduced to post-school outcomes, which may include the SBCUSD WORC program.

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