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The purpose of volunteer programs is to provide support to the instructional program in ways that the teaching and administrative staff consider important, capitalizing on the skills and interests of our volunteers.

More specifically, volunteer programs are to:
  • Enrich the curriculum
  • Provide help for individual children
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful service
  • Establish a school-community partnership for quality education
  • Offer assistance in meeting school and district goals
  • Support children's learning
  • Enhance all aspects of the educational process
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for students
  • Bring the resources of the community into the schools
  • Offer assistance to the staff in a variety of ways

How Do I Volunteer?
To volunteer at Fairfax School, contact the school office at (909) 381-1283.

Who Can Volunteer?
Volunteering in a school is a unique and exciting experience and a privilege for both the school and the volunteer.

The ideal volunteer:
  • Is friendly, reliable, flexible, and respects confidentiality
  • Recognizes that our greatest resources are the students
  • Has a professional attitude, interest, and enthusiasm for working with young people
  • Works cooperatively with school staff
  • Has talents that can enrich the school program
  • Has time and a willingness to serve
  • Understands and appreciates the work of the school staff and the volunteer program

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