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Science Teachers
A List of Cajon's Science Teachers and their information.

Science Courses

Course Flow chart and information.

Three years of science are required for high school graduation and four years are encouraged. The three years must include course work in life science and physical science. Science courses are designed to provide laboratory experiences in the methods of science and to develop an understanding of the biological and physical world and the influence of science on modern society. Through laboratory experience, skills in the use of scientific equipment are developed. Through investigation, data are collected to allow interpretation of natural phenomena. The goal of science education is to fully develop each student’s scientific literacy.

Possible Career Objectives for the Student with Science Training

Aerospace Engineering

Game Warden






Industrial Engineering






Laboratory Technician

Physical Therapist

 Biomedical Engineering  Lawyer  Pilot
Botanist Medical Technician Pure Research
Chemical Engineering Marine Biologist Psycho Biologist
Chemist Medical Research Pharmacist
Computer Designer Museum Curator Paramedic
Computer Science Materials Science Petroleum Engineering
Dentist Mechanical Engineering Science Illustrator
Doctor Mathematics Teacher Soil Scientist
Ecologist Molecular Biologist Teacher
Electrical Engineering Nuclear Scientist Veterinarian
Environmental Engineering National Park Service Weather Forecaster
Exercise Science Nurse Zoo Attendant


High School Grad. Req:  3 yrs. required for all students

9th Grade  Physical Science (or Biology 1 H)
10th Grade Biology (or Chemistry 1 H/C or Biology 2 AP or Physical Science)
11th Grade Science Elective (Physics, Chemistry, Biology 2 AP, Environmental Science, etc.)
   *4 yrs. recommended.


CSU/UC Requirements:  Lab Science    2 years
    *Recommend 3 years



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