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PE Info for Parents and Students

Student Expectations
These expectations are for the safety of all students and to enable academic excellence.
Students are to obey all school polices and immediately report those students who don’t.
Students must immediately report any unsafe areas or problems to a P.E. teacher.
Students are to listen and follow all the directives of all Physical Education Instructors.
Students must have this paper signed by their parent and kept in their P.E. notebook.

Dressing Policy
Student must change from regular school clothes into P.E. uniform everyday.
P.E. uniform consists of green shorts, laced up tennis shoes, white t-shirt & socks.
Students are not to wear anything else on top of uniform (you may wear sweats under).
Shorts are to worn over hips, shoes tied tightly and shirt on properly.
Students are not allowed to bring anything else to class without teacher permission.

Loaner Policy
Student must report to loaner teacher before the tardy bell rings.
Student is only allowed one loan per week. Student must leave identification.
Student must return loan clothes to loaner teacher before the dismissal bell.
Student/parent must pay full price to replace any damaged or missing clothes.

Locker Room Policy
Students must report to the correct locker room before the tardy bell rings.
Students are to quickly change clothes and leave the locker room. No loitering or talking.
Students are to watch their personal items at all times and make sure they’re secured.

Classroom Policies
Student must immediately report to their roll call number after leaving the locker room.
Student must work on pushups and stretching until teacher arrives for roll call.
Student must quietly sit on roll call number and do sit up crunches during roll call.
After roll call, students are to listen to instruction of teacher and follow directives
No ipods, cell phones, food, candy, drinks (except water), gum, jewelry, hats, glasses, etc.
Student must never leave their assigned area or stop activity without teacher permission.
Profanity, harassment, throwing rocks, rude comments or jesters will not be tolerated.
Student must take your P.E. notebook (portfolio), pencil and paper to class everyday.
Always try to do your best at all times on all assignments and activities.
Student must immediately do make up work for all excused absences.

Portfolio: Keep notebook updated w/daily entries of what you learned & how to improve.

Consequences that may result in breaking any of the above Polices
Student counseled and/or parent contacted.
Lowering of grade and/or extra assignments.
Students sent to detention or placed in an alternative learning environment.
Referral to counselor and/or vice principal.
Suspension and/or fine. 


Please make sure your student has their P.E. clothes when they leave for school everyday.
All Physical Education requirements are under the guidance of California State Standards

P.E. classes go inside gym, class or weight room on cold days. Sweat shirts and pants are not needed, but available for purchase for $15.00 each. T-shirts and shorts are $10.00 each. Pay the financial secretary and bring receipt to appropriate locker room teacher. Teachers do not force any child to participate, but all missed excused work must be made up. Please call your child’s teacher immediately if you have any questions or concerns (909) 881-8120. Let’s work together so your student can have a successful year!

Make Up, Extra Credit and Class Assignment

This typed assignment must be related to how one can improve their Physical Fitness.
You may acquire the fitness information from any source (internet, book, magazine, etc.)
The first paragraph must be a complete in depth summary of the information acquired.

The second paragraph must state all the positive aspects of the article and why they are worthwhile to incorporate into your life. The third paragraph must tell us exactly how you are going to incorporate this fitness aspect(s) into your life and what you expect to get out of it along with your short and long term goals. This typed paper must be a full page long single spaced using one inch margins and a 12 font in Times New Roman print. One full page done correctly is approximately one percent of total semester grade. Ten points per paper equals the amount of points in a daily assignment except for fitness day. Please include your name, a copy of the source if possible or at least the bibliography. You must make up all absences by doing these papers or your teacher may select an alternative assignment. Hopefully this activity will benefit and help you in your lifetime fitness plan.

Fitness Tests

All students must take the California Fitness Tests (mile run, pushup, sit up, stretch, upper body lift, have height and weight measured) and pass five of the six tests or stay enrolled in Physical Education until they graduate. Students must pass 4 semesters of P.E.

Fitness day (this is a double 20 point day that is once a week)

All students participate in a mile and a half run, jog, fast walk. Grading scale is based on time 



Cardiovascular fitness is important for your students overall health, well-being and academic performance. California state mile test is much tougher to pass.  

 12 or less























 24 or more


Student grade is based on participation, fitness performance, dressing properly, following policies, expectations, effort, improvement, behavior, attitude, citizenship, written and typed work. Total grade is based on percentage 90%=A, 80%=B, 70%=C, 60%=D, 59=F

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