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Internet Resources
Internet Resources
Language Arts Website
  • K-6 Reading Supplements for Class
  • A way to make learning more fun
  • Activities to help teach reading
  • Activities that teach word detection
  • K-6 Reading Supplements Alternative
  • Links to site for language activities
  • Offers games for basic skill study
  • K-4 Games to help with curriculum
  • Will help with word detection

Math Websites
  • K-6 Supplement to Math Textbook
  • Games designed for multiplication
  • Worksheets to help with Math
  • Math site with Games and Activities
  • Designed to help improve math skills
  • Baseball game to help with Math
  • BBC educational site for Math
  • Makes Math cool for kids
  • Helps with counting money
  • Works on building manipulatives skill
  • Activities and links for K-12 Math
  • Funbrain designed Math website
  • Activities and supplements for the Math texts
  • Math site that offers free activities
  • Central Math site for most of the Internet
  • Virtual manipulative activities and offerings
  • Online information and lessons
  • Wide variety of Math centered offerings
  • Math Standards for California

  • Variety of Lessons and Activities to browse
  • Game designed to teach the corporate ladder
  • Games for K-2
  • Games for 3-6
  • Search Engine for Kids
  • Artists' site
  • Reference source for kids
  • List of search engines tailored for kids
  • About the 50 States
  • Animal Information

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