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Types of Specialized Academic Instruction

Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) is the primary service provided to students who qualify for special education and is available at all San Bernardino City Unified School District school sites. Depending on the particular needs of the student, SAI may include one or more of the following:

Consultation between a special education teacher and general education teacher(s) to assist in providing instructional and assessment adaptations and behavioral interventions, which allow students with special needs to benefit from their general education classes.

Monitoring of students by a special education teacher through appointments, weekly progress reports, and/or school-home communication.

Instructional support provided by a special education teacher or instructional aide to help students with special needs progress in their classes by assisting with the understanding of assignments and information being presented, and modifying work to accommodate students’ special needs. Instructional support may be provided in a general education class or separate classroom.

Collaborative/Team teaching in which a special education teacher and a general education instructor teach a class together that includes both general and special education students.

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