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Technology Class

What Is the "Technology" Subject?

Webster's defines technology as "a technical method of achieving a practical purpose". The IB framework defines technology as "the application of human creativity to solving a problem".  The MYP Technology subject, which is not limited to one specific course, has two main components: Design Technology and Computer Technology

• In Design Technology, students learn to apply a design cycle in problem-solving contexts. This design cycle consists of five steps: investigate, design, plan, create, and evaluate.

• In Computer Technology, students learn to use computers, software, and peripherals as powerful and creative tools that enhance what they learn and how they learn it, expand their ability to manipulate and analyze data, and enrich the ways in which they present information and demonstrate their understanding of that information. 

Teachers in all classes incorporate the Technology subject in a variety of assignments. 
For example, for the 6th grade, students might implement Design Technology as they create a Geometry project  in which they: 

  • INVESTIGATE a situation:

    • Identify the problem:  students don’t know the names of shapes, how to find the area, perimeter, volume, and surface areas of plane and solid geometric shapes
    • Develop a Design Brief:  “I will create a pictorial dictionary using golf as a theme to show names and formulas for basic geometric shapes.  The dictionary will displayed in the school library for other sixth-graders to use.”
    • Formulate Design Specifications

  •  DESIGN  a solution:  Follow the design brief using GOLF as a theme

  • PLAN what to do:
    • List and gather materials needed for the design
    • Create steps for creating the design
    • Create a timeline/schedule for the steps
    • Predict a Risk Assessment and responses to the risks
    •  CREATE  an original product by following all the steps and requirements on the Design Specifications
  •  EVALUATE  the project and the process by asking and answering the following questions: 

In all grades, students gain knowledge and understanding of Computer Technology as they:

    • Research topics using encyclopedias on CDs and search programs on the Internet
    • Use spreadsheets and drawing programs to create graphs and illustrations about what they have learned
    • Use word-processing and publishing software to produce a variety of written works, such as reports and newspaper

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