San Bernardino City Unified School District
San Bernardino City Unified School District
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College Readiness Encourages Disciplined Intelligent Talented Scholars (CREDITS)
Riley credits system to reward students for both academic success and positive behavior on campus. Students will earn credits on campus and as they gather more credits they move up in academic rank, such as:

 High School Senior 100 Credits              
 College Freshman 200 Credits  Beary Good Ticket
 College Sophomore 400 Credits  Breakfast Fast Pass-Pre X-Mas
 College Junior 600 Credits  Front of the Line Pass-Pre X-Mas
 College Senior 800 Credits  Ice Cream Party (March)
 Bachlor's Degree 1000 Credits Pizza Party (April) Certificate
 Master's Degree 1200 Credits  Front of the Line Pass-Post X-Mas
 Doctoral Degree 1400 Credits Certificate-College T-Shirt

For further questions regarding the credit system you may contact the school office at (909) 388-6460.

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