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High School Diploma English 1-4
Read As An Act of Love
Welcome to my High School Diploma English class. Below are the requirements for English 1-4 for High School Diploma courses at the San Bernardino Adult School. Please keep in mind that although the reading requirements are done independently in the textbook, THIS IS NOT AN INDEPENDENT STUDY CLASS and YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND CLASS ON A REGULAR BASIS. I explain thoroughly the written essay assignments and conduct writing enhancement activities to assist students with their essay writing. If you are absent regularly, you cannot learn effectively and will be dropped from this class after 4 days of absences.   Student photos and work

English 1 Syllabus

English 2 Syllabus

English 3 Syllabus

English 4 Syllabus

One requirement for this class will consist of independent study in the appropriate textbook; one of them being British and World Literature. Reading selections include works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama from both classical and modern authors. Written essays will also be assigned and are a requirement to pass this course. Writing enhancement activities are periodically taught as well to further develop students' academic writing skills.

"The more you attend class, the better your English reading and writing skills will become. Don't look at this class as, 'I need to hurry up and get it out of the way to earn my credits.' Look at it as a learning opportunity to further develop your English writing skills that will assist you in life!"
Mr. Espinosa

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