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Math IB SL

Math Studies Course Description 

The IB DP mathematical studies standard level (SL) course focuses on important interconnected mathematical topics.  The syllabus focuses on: placing more emphasis on student understanding of fundamental concepts than on symbolic manipulation and complex manipulative skills; giving greater emphasis to developing students' mathematical reasoning rather than performing routine operations; solving mathematical problems embedded in a wide range of contexts; using the calculator effectively.  There is an emphasis on application of mathematics and statistical techniques.  It is designed to offer students with varied mathematical backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to learn important concepts and techniques and to gain an understanding of  wide variety of mathematical topics, preparing them to solve problems in a variety of settings, develop more sophisticated mathematical reasoning and enhance their critical thinking. (more)

Mathematics Course Description 

The IB DP mathematics standard level (SL) course focuses on introducing
important mathematical concepts through the development of mathematical
techniques. The intention is to introduce students to these concepts
in a comprehensible and coherent way, rather than insisting on
the mathematical rigour required for mathematics HL. Students should,
wherever possible, apply the mathematical knowledge they have acquired
to solve realistic problems set in an appropriate context.

The internally assessed exploration offers students the opportunity for
developing independence in their mathematical learning. Students are
encouraged to take a considered approach to various mathematical activities
and to explore different mathematical ideas. The exploration also
allows students to work without the time constraints of a written examination
and to develop the skills they need for communicating mathematical
ideas. (more)

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