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Benchmark Support Materials

Key assessments required by the District are the Mathematics Benchmarks. There are three benchmarks that measure how well students across the district are performing on a subset of the standards. For the 2013-14 school year, the assessments will measure most of the 1997 standards and the Common Core standards from the following domains;

  • Grades 1-2 – Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Grades 3-5 – Measurement and Data, and Geometry
  • Grade 6 – Statistics and Probability, and Geometry

There will continue to be one constructed response item on benchmarks 2 and 3 to assist teachers in measuring student skills in the Standards for Mathematical Practice with a focus on how well students understand, plan, solve and check their work. To assist teachers with these assessments, several materials have been developed and can be accessed from the link listed below:

  • Curriculum Guides – lists the transitional Common Core Standards, and related 1997 standards; notes the curricular location of standards and identifies lessons to omit.
  • Pacing Guides – instructional pacing guides that map out instruction by trimester.
  • Transitional Standards – complete list of the Common Core and 1997 standards to be taught
  • Teacher Directions – a list of the most up to date directions for the benchmarks
  • Mathematics Scoring Rubric – used to assess student work in each of the four problem solving component areas: Understand, Plan, Solve and Check.

With the increase of class size and the one-on-one nature of the kindergarten benchmark, the kindergarten benchmarks will not be required for the 2013/14 school year. Sites will determine what will be administered to measure student understanding of mathematical concepts. An optional kindergarten benchmark will become available for sites to use during this time of transition. This benchmark will measure several of the 1997 essential standards and the Common Core standards from the following domains;

  • Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Instructional support materials listed above may be found by accessing the link below:

Instructional Support Materials

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