Ramona-Alessandro Elementary School
Ramona-Alessandro Elementary School
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Visual & Performing Arts

The District's Visual and Performing Arts Program supports a comprehensive, multi-faceted curriculum for all students.

It provides the guidelines for instruction that emphasizes the District and State content standards, as well as provides instructional experiences that align with the California State Visual and Performing Arts Framework.

The central purpose of the Visual and Performing Arts Education is to provide experiences to help the students understand their world in ways that support and enhance their learning in other core subjects.

The arts convey knowledge and meaning not learned through the study of other subjects.

  • Increasing students' sensitivity to the arts and to the world around them
  • Expressing creativity and/or performing works in the arts through direct student involvement
  • Learning the history of the arts and the cultural context in which works have been and are being created
  • Participating in critiques of their own work and the work of others
  • Gaining experience in making judgments about the merits of works of art and how the arts function in society

ISHS Visual & Performing Arts Teachers:

Mrs. Bunn (M4) Art 1, 2, & 3; Advanced Studio Art
Mr. Worsey (M3 & A2) Ceramics, Digitech
Ms. Evanson (F1) Art 1
Mr. Kay (D1)   Concert Choir 1 & Advanced, Guitar 1, Guitar 2
Mr. Perez (D2) Guitar , String Ensemble, Symphonic Band

San Bernardino City Unified School District, 777 North F Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410, (909) 381-1100
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