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Workshop 7: Taming Wild Beasts
Comprehension / Vocabulary Support
1. Kids National Geographic: Tiger or Alligator
2. The Wild Animal Sanctuary
3. The Central Park Zoo
4.  Brainpop: Savanna (lankershim brainpop)
5.  Brainpop: Everglades 
6.  Brainpop: Ecosystems
7.  Brainpop: Land Biomes
8.  Spelling City: Vocabulary Practice
      (Find a List, Kosman, Workshop 7, Games: Match It, Which Word? and Unscramble)

Reading Strategy: Cause & Effect
1.  Brainpop Jr: Cause & Effect  (lankershim brainpop)
2.  Reading Strategies Practice: Cause Effect - Room Recess
3.  Reading Strategies Practice: Cause Effect - Jeopardy (scroll to see all the answer choices)

Word Analysis & Grammar Practice
1.  Present Perfect-Tense Verbs
2.  Prepositional Phrases for Time
3.  Subject and Object Pronouns

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