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K.E.E.P. In Touch
News From the KEEP Room

My name is Mrs. Lacey and I am the environmental education resource teacher at Kimbark.  When your child tells you they have been to the KEEP room, it means they have spent time with me, learning about the world around them.  KEEP stands for Kimbark’s Environmental Education Program, and this makes our school a wonderful place to learn.  We are one of two environmental magnet schools in the district, and our focus is on teaching children how to care for and protect the environment.  While at Kimbark, children will get excellent instruction in reading and math, and the added science component, including gardening, animal care, ways to keep the earth healthy, and learning the scientific method (Yes, parents, this means the kids will have to do a science project!

Each grade Level will focus on 1 environmental theme and each theme builds upon what was taught the year before.  Our themes this year are:

Kindergarten:  Living vs. nonliving things and how to care for plants and animals.

First:  Respecting living things.

Second:  Protecting the earth

Third:  Ecosystems

Fourth:  Environmental interactions and cycles

Fifth:  Conserving Natural Resources

Sixth:  Sustaining our planet/getting involved

Attention 5th& 6th Grade Parents!

  Did you know that we must raise the money for our Mountain Camp and Catalina Trips for the 2013-14 school year?  Due to district budget cuts, the trip will no longer be funded.  These are the best experiences for our kids and the ones they will remember for a lifetime.  The cost for 6th grade Mountain Camp is $200 per student, and 6th grade Catalina Island is $240.  We need your help to fundraise the money.  Please check for updates, fundraisers, and if you know of a business that might sponsor a student, please contact me for the forms.

Ways to help our Science Magnet

We are always in need of parent volunteers.  Make sure you have completed the parent volunteer form in the office.

Currently our gardens need lots of TLC.  Weeding, mowing, trimming, and fixing irrigation are just a few of the ways you can help.

Donate seeds and/or seedlings for the garden, pine bedding for the animals, tropical fish food, hamster food.

Help with the fundraising for the 5th and 6th grade camps

You can get in contact with me at 880-6641 or email me at  

Thanks for making this a wonderful place to learn!

Happy Earth Day!

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day.  Go for a walk, plant a tree, pick up trash, donate to a preserve or help with a community clean up.  You can find information at   as well as

The San Bernardino County waste department has some fun activities to do at home.  Click on outreach, then environmental center, then activities.

CalRecycle has some Earth Day ideas as well as a list of what is recyclable in SB County.

Goodwill Fundraiser
Have too much stuff? Need to get rid of things? Well you can do this and help our students go to camp next year. Our goal is to earn $1,500, but we can earn more!!!! Click on the links below for more information about how you can help.

Goodwilll Flyer

List of Acceptable Items

Thanks for your support!

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