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Student and Parent Handbook

Download the entire Student Handbook in PDF

 Bell Schedules
 Principal’s Welcome Letter
 General Information
 Important School Dates and Holidays
 The Daily Bulletin
 Senior Option - Off-Campus Lunch Pass
 Open Enrollment
 Student Parking Policy
 School Bus Transportation/Empty Seat Program
 Electronic Devices
 Electronic Signaling Devices
 Health Services
 Accident Insurance
 Library Check-Out Agreement
 College/Career Center
 Work Permits
 Lost and Found
 Dances and Social Activities
 Fire and Earthquake Drills and Evacuations
 Student Conduct and School and Discipline 
  Suspension and Expulsion
         (BP 4030)
 Attendance Procedures and Policies
 Anti-Bullying Policy 
Dress Code
 Smoking /Use of Tobacco at District  Facilities

 Graffiti Policy  Gang-Free Zone

 Weapon-Free Campus Policy
 Complaint Procedures
 Identification (ID) Cards  Alcohol and Drugs
 Vandalism and Property Damage  Athletic Events—Behavior
 Student Body and Government
 Physical Education Policies
 Clubs on Campus
  Counseling Services and Information
  Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities  Promotion Requirements  
 Graduation Requirements
 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Selection 
 Early Graduation Petitions
 Alternative Learning Center
 Summer School
 Graduation Ceremonies

 Progress Reports  Report Cards
 Homework Policy
 Attendance and Grading Policy
 Cheating Policy  Request to Change School
 Repeat Credit  Honors 
 Four-Year Plans  National Honor Society
 Scholarships and Awards  Honor Guard Selection
 California Scholarship Federation  The Cowboy Courier
Student Internet Use Agreement
 Financial Aid for Education

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