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Student and Parent Handbook
Welcome to Cajon!

The entire Cowboy staff has every intention of helping make the school year educationally productive and exciting. Cajon offers a full array of academic and extracurricular opportunities.

This handbook provides the major policies, rules, regulations, and procedures that will be in operation at Cajon High School for parents and students. Some SBCUSD Student Policy Guidelines may be found throughout this handbook. These policies are in effect at all schools in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, while other information is unique to Cajon High School. It is intended that the implementation of these practices will result in a school that meets the educational needs of its students while providing them with a pleasant and safe learning environment.

All students and their parents are encouraged to read this handbook and keep it handy for future reference when needed. Please note that the Table of Contents and the Index will assist the reader to quickly locate subjects of special interest.

A Special Note

It is extremely important for students to realize that their performance in high school will have a great impact on their future. Many employers require applicants to have a high school diploma before they will be considered for employment, and a diploma is required for enlistment in the Armed Services. High school grades are an important factor in determining whether or not a student will attend college, and excellent grades are essential to gaining admission to many of the best colleges and universities. Participation in athletics, student government, band, choir, drama, or other extracurricular activities not only make the high school experience more enjoyable, but sometimes can also be important in gaining access to some colleges and universities, and such activities often result in the development of rewarding lifelong interests. Students and parents should be aware that regular attendance is essential to good performance in high school.

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