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Senior Option-Off-Campus Lunch Pass

Senior Option was established by the Board of Education to reward seniors for acceptable attendance and grades. Seniors who had a 2.5 overall GPA and no more than one “F” for the previous grading period of their junior year will qualify for a Senior Pass and be permitted to leave the campus during lunch using any form of transportation. Seniors must show their senior pass and school I.D. when requested by school officials. While this policy is in effect, the School District cannot be responsible for the safety and conduct of students while off campus. Students need to be aware that the Senior Option can be revoked at any time for those individuals who violate any school rules and regulations. Any senior wishing to participate in the Senior Option program must receive prior approval and permission to do so from the vice principal’s office.  Any senior applying for Senior Option must have the signed permission of a parent. Only emancipated 18 year olds may sign their own permission request.  Emancipations require a court order.  

Seniors may be denied the privilege of leaving campus during authorized lunch periods for the remainder of the quarter whenever any of the following occur:

1. The senior has not met the eligibility requirement.

2. The senior drives or takes an ineligible student off campus during scheduled lunch periods.

3. The senior gives or loans a pass to any other student.  (The pass need not have been used by the
    other student.)

4. He/she falsely uses the pass of another.

5. The senior violates any standards of eligibility as set forth in Board Policy No. 5112.5.

6. The senior returns to campus late.



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