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Schools with Ca Cadet Corps
Participating Schools
The California Cadet Corps is currently part of the course of studies at the following SBCUSD schools:



Phone Number

Arrowview Middle School 1SG Jesse Duran

(909) 881-8109

Cajon High School Mr. Phillip Ayala

(909) 881-8133

Chavez Middle School CPT (CACC) Chris West

(909) 386-2050

Curtis Middle School TBA

(909) 388-6332

Del Vallejo Middle School 1LT (CACC) Ben Cervantes

(909) 881-8280

Pacific High School MAJ (CACC)David Hernandez

(909) 388-6419

San Gorgonio High School LTC(CACC) Kristopher Knutson

(909) 388-6057

Serrano Middle School CPT (CACC) Mike Ingrodi

(909) 388-6530

Shandin Hills Middle School LTC(CACC) Kristopher Knutson

(909) 880-6666

 Indian Springs High School CPT (CACC) Helen Gonzalez  

The program is also located in the following non-SBCUSD schools, also part of the 11th Brigade:
Other Brigade Officers and  Assistant Commandants
  •  COL (CACC) David Werner, Brigade Advisor and California Cadet Corps Executive Officer (XO)
  •  LTC (CACC) Kristopher Knutson, Brigade Support Officer
  • LTC (CAC) Michael Smith, Special Projects Officer
  • LTC (CACC) Joann Tortarolo, Special Projects Officer
  • CPT (CACC) Chris West, Brigade Support Officer
  • CPT (CACC) Michael Appis, Teacher, Indian Springs HS
  • 1LT (CACC) Margie Edwards, Teacher Curtis Middle School
  • 1LT (CACC) Sal Lopez, Assistant Commandant of Cadet, Del Vallejo Middle School
  • CPT (CACC) Mike Sims, Assistant Commandant of Cadets, Pacific High School 
  • 2LT (CACC) Angela Marquiss, Assistant Commandant of Cadets, SBCUSD
  • 2LT (CACC) Savanna Solis, Special Projects Officer
  • 2LT (CACC) Juan Carlos Marquez, Assistant Commandant

San Bernardino City Unified School District, 777 North F Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410, (909) 381-1100
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