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Student Responsibilities
All students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to contribute to the maintenance of a productive learning environment. Each individual’s conduct on the campus and going to and from school shall be orderly and in keeping with the rules and regulations of the school, the School District, and the laws of the state. Students need to know the following expectations in order to avoid problems: 
  1. Cajon students are required to carry student identification cards at all times and present them upon request by school personnel. 
  2. Students requested by security officers, or any school personnel, to come to the office must cooperate. Defiance will result in disciplinary action. 
  3. Students must report to class promptly and be ready to get class under way as soon as the tardy bell rings. 
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a signed pass whenever he/she needs to be out of class for any reason. 
  5. Students must stay in physical education class until the end of the period, just as any other class. 
  6. Students must bring a note signed by a parent/ guardian if they miss school. The note must be turned in to the attendance office within three days or the day/periods will be counted as truancies. 
  7. Permission to leave campus requires a note from home and authorization from the attendance office. You must always have written permission from the office to leave during the school day. If you are ill, report to the nurse’s office in C-6. 
  8. If you are scheduled to be at home or in work experience 1st, 5th, 6th and/or 7th period, you must leave the campus. 
  9. Students who fight on campus, while going to or from school, off campus during lunchtime, or at any school activity, may be suspended up to a maximum of five (5) days and, under some circumstances, could be expelled from school. 
  10. Students in possession of drugs or weapons of any kind will be immediately suspended and may be recommended for expulsion. 
  11. Smoking on campus is a cause for suspension after warning. 
  12. Gambling and wagering are prohibited on campus and will result in disciplinary action. 
  13. Students on suspension are prohibited from attending day or evening school activities and are not to be on or near any school campus during the period of suspension. 
  14. Students are not allowed in the Administration Office during class time without a valid pass. Students must sign the Office Roster located on the counter upon arrival. Failure to do so may result in the student being marked truant from his/her class. 
  15. Students found truant off campus or picked up in a truancy sweep by City Police will be issued a citation. 
  16. All non-students, including adults, who trespass on Cajon’s campus will be subject to arrest by District Police. Students who visit other campuses without authorization are subject to disciplinary action by their home schools. 
  17. Skateboards, mopeds, scooters, and bicycles may not be ridden on campus. 
  18. Students found in rest rooms or anywhere other than their assigned classroom without a valid pass will be considered truant and will be referred to the vice principal’s office. 
  19. Radios, CD players, tape players, etc. are not to be brought on campus. If they are brought, they will be confiscated and held until picked up by a parent. The school will not be responsible for items not picked up by a parent. The school will not be responsible for items not picked up within a week of confiscation. 
  20. Students should become familiar with the 38 causes for suspension and/or expulsion.  

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