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Student Athlete Drug Testing Policy
Policy No. 5131.61

The Board of Education is committed to maximizing the health and safety of district students and recognizes the district’s role in helping to protect students from the dangers associated with illegal drug use and drug abuse. To support the district’s substance abuse prevention efforts, the Board desires to establish a mandatory and random drug testing program, for students participating in athletics, in the district’s high schools that will provide a deterrent from drug use and help refer drug users to appropriate counseling and rehabilitative services. Additionally, students participating in the district’s mandatory insight program will undergo random drug testing.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a nonvoluntary, random drug testing program for all students participating in athletics.

Prior to implementing the drug testing program, the Superintendent or designee shall invite input from students, staff, parents/guardians, community leaders, and representatives of local health care agencies, community service agencies and businesses. The district’s program shall be developed in consultation with drug treatment and prevention professionals, the laboratory contracted to conduct the tests, and district legal counsel.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop:

  1. A drug testing consent form to be signed by the student and his/her parent/guardian prior to allowing the student to participate in any athletic or extracurricular activity listed above. All forms will be maintained on file at the school.  Steroid Agreement Form (Exhibit 5131.63) will be added to the packet.
  2. The consent form shall indicate any prescription medication the student has been or is presently taking. The student shall present either a copy of the prescription or a physician’s written verification of this fact with the consent form.
  3. Procedures addressing how students will be selected, how often tests will be conducted, how samples will be collected and transported, and how results will be confirmed.
  4. Each member of a designated team may be tested at the beginning of the sports season. Random testing may also be conducted during the season. Student selection for random testing will be conducted by an independent drug testing lab contracted by the school district.
  5. Drug testing procedures shall ensure appropriate individual privacy while maintaining the viability of the process. Student athletes randomly selected for drug testing will be notified by school personnel and escorted to a secured rest room specifically prepared for drug testing by independent drug lab personnel. Drug tests (urine specimen) will be conducted, transported and processed by drug lab personnel. Refusal to submit to a drug test will result in automatic athletic ineligibility.  Ineligibility will continue for the remainder of the current semester and the following semester.  Thereafter, the student may request in writing to be drug tested. If the student tests negative, permission to participate in athletics will be granted.  If the student tests positive, the procedures out lined in AR 5131.61 will be initiated.

A student refusing a random drug test must follow the same guidelines outlined for a student who tests positive, in addition to the automatic athletic ineligibility.  If a student vacates or attempts to vacate the area after being selected for testing, he or she will be tested.  Requests to go home, running from the area and/or sudden illness will not excuse the student from testing.  If the student tests positive, the procedures outlined in AR 5131.61 will be initiated.  

Parents/guardians shall be notified after any positive test results are confirmed.  Test results shall be kept separate from the student’s other educational records and shall be disclosed only to school staff designated by the Superintendent or designee as responsible for program implementation. The district shall not release test results to law enforcement authorities.  

Adopted by the Board of Education
October 16, 2007

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