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Make-Up Work

All work must be promptly made up after an absence.

  1. If a student is truant from school, the teacher is not obligated to permit him/her to make up any work, but the final decision is up to the teacher.
  2. A student who misses because of illness, authorized extracurricular activity, and suspension must be given an opportunity to make up work— usually one day is allowed for each day absent.
  3. It is definitely the responsibility of the student to take the initiative to ask the teacher to secure make-up work. It is NOT up to the teacher to keep after a student because of the student’s absence.
  4. Students who are ill for more than five days may request assignments by calling the Counseling Office. Please allow at least 48 hours for the teachers to be contacted and then to respond. A parent or friend may pick up the assignments from the receptionist in the Administration Office.

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