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Biology Physiology Anatomy
Mr. Wood
Science Teacher

1260 West Esperanza Street
San Bernardino, CA  92410

Ph: (909) 888-4041
Fx: (909) 888-4548

Office Hours
12:08 PM - 12:38 PM
After school upon request
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
DAILY QUIZZES: Getting to class on time each day is critical so that each student can study for 5 minutes right before the Daily Quiz. The quiz starts at 5 minutes past the hour every day. If a student is absent for a daily quiz, they can bring me a note from the office stating that the absence is excused and they can make up the quiz during office hours.

KEEP UP: Biology/Physiology assignments need to be done on time. Every assignment is intended specifically to prepare students for the upcoming unit final. If a student does not know how to do an assignment, or understand a concept, he/she should come during office hours or during AVID for help. Late assignments can be made up during office hours, during AVID, or at home for HALF credit. Also, a zero only becomes a concrete zero at the end of a semester, thus there is time to fix a grade if the student wants to improve it. Further, if a student receives a grade on any assignment that is lower than desired she/he can re-do the assignment to earn a better grade.

HOW TO STUDY FOR BIOLOGY/PHYSIOLOGY: Whenever studying, students should be quizzing themselves. Whether it is from their Cornell notes or from flashcards, she/he should spend study time answering questions, not just reading her/his notes over and over. This is one reason students are required to write questions in their Cornell notes and make flashcards. One hour spent quizzing themselves on their notes will prepare them much better than one hour spent just reading their notes. Also, using and studying flashcards when they are waiting for a burger at McDonalds is a good use of time, for a few minutes here or there add up to hours in the end. Students should begin quizzing themselves on their Cornell Biology / Physiology notes and flashcards daily before each quiz. Seventy-five extra credit flashcards (2 pts / card) can be turned in at the end of a unit. The unit final consists of questions that are on the daily quizzes, thus if a student is present every day for the quizzes, he/she will have seen every question that will be on the final.

EXTRA CREDIT: A student has many options to earn extra credit. Current events, documentary summaries, notebook checks, studying before quizzes, word processing assignments, poetry using biology/physiology terms, and flashcards are just a few of the examples of how a person canearn more points than are assigned. If a student were to get 100% of the assigned points and do all the extra credit they could possibly earn a 125% A in either class. As result, if any student does not pass either class or does poorly, it is because they did not apply themselves, it was not because the opportunity was not presented to them.

Office hours are listed to the right.  Students can also e-mail me at

Mr. Wood's Homework

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