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Scholarships and Awards
The high school graduate who needs financial help to continue his/her education may apply for scholarships made available by colleges, corporations,and community organizations.

The high school student improves his/her chances of getting a scholarship if he/she:

  • Takes the College Preparatory Course to prepare him/her to enter the college of his/her choice
  • Earns marks of “A” or “B” in his/her academic subjects
  • Participates in the activities of the school, such as student government, school clubs, sports, school service, band and vocal music, and school plays
  • Obtains work experience outside of school. Responsible people the student meets through these activities are likely to be good references to include in scholarship applications
  • Takes competitive examinations offered to students applying for scholarships. Many organizations use the results of the College Board examinations given in October, November, December,January, and March each year to help them decide on candidates for scholarships. The State of California uses the results of the October and November SAT tests, along with other information, to determine the winner of California State Scholarships.
  • Takes the examinations for the Military Academies in his/her junior year
  • Takes the examinations for the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship program before December of his/her senior year
  • Takes the National Merit Test in October of his/her junior year to compete for national scholarships.
  • Seeks information about available scholarships on the counselors’ bulletin board, displays on school and public bulletin boards, articles in magazines and newspapers, and leads from parents and friends; companies and organizations often offer scholarships through their own bulletins such as the Los Angeles Times Scholarship, North American Management Club, AFL-CIO Scholarship, and the Southern California Edison Scholarship. Essay contests are often used to select scholarship winners as well.
  • Keeps all honors or awards previously earned for inclusion in their senior scholarship notebook.

Other scholarships may be awarded to students who have shown outstanding scholarship ability or placed very high in competitive scholarship aptitude tests or have demonstrated some unique talent.

Applications for these scholarships are made available directly through the university or college Financial Aid Office.

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