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Laws / Policies Regarding PE Exceptions
California Education Codes

The health of students significantly impacts their academic success and so our district promotes a Coordinated School Health and Wellness Program that will foster knowledge, skills and behaviors that lead to a healthy and productive life.  Students that are physically fit perform better academically, are healthier and have better self esteem.  The following California Education Codes address the requirements for participating in Physical Education as well as rationale for granting an exemption:

CEC 51220 (d)  -  "Physical education, with emphasis given to physical activities that are conducive to health and to vigor of body and mind, as required by Section 51222."

CEC 51210 (g) and 51223  -   "...for a total period of time of not less than 200 minutes each 10 school days, exclusive of recesses and the lunch period." (grades 1-8)

CEC 51222 (a)  -  "...for a total period of time of not less than 400 minutes each 10 school days." (grades 9-12)

CEC 51241  -  Temporary or permanent exemption from physical education

CEC 51242  -  Exemption from physical education for participation in regular school-sponsored interscholastic athletic program

To view full content of California Education Codes go to website:

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