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English Learners
Sierra High CELDT Team:
English Learner Facilitator (ELF):  Candice VanLeeuwen
CELDT Trained Teachers:  Philip Ayala, Devin Navarro, Brenda Zenger
CELDT Test Dates


Each English learner who meets the District reclassification criteria is Reclassified to Fluent English Proficient (R-FEP).  The procedure to reclassify an English learner to Fluent English Proficient (R-FEP) status is as follows:

I.   Identification of Candidates for Reclassification

A.  On a monthly basis, our Sierra High School English Learner Facilitator (ELF), Mrs. Van Leeuwen,  reviews the reclassification report and identifies English learners who may be eligible for reclassification.

B.  Students who meet the following criteria are to be considered candidates for reclassification: 

1. English learners must receive an overall score at the Early Advanced or Advanced level on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) with no domain (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) below the Intermediate level. 

2. In grades three and above, English learners must achieve a scale score at or above 300 in English Language Arts (ELA) on the ELA section of the California Standards Test (CST).

3.  Students in high school must meet standards in English and maintain a 2.0 or higher academic GPA. 

  1. A parent consultation is held to provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions and give input as to the student’s readiness for reclassification.  Parents receive a copy of the approved reclassification form. 

 II.   Monitoring and Follow-Up of R-FEP Students

A.  While Categorical Program Monitoring requirements indicate that the school must monitor the reclassified student for a minimum of two years,  R-FEPs remain part of the English learner cohort for NCLB accountability until they have reached “proficient” on the language section of the CST three times. 

B.  After a student has reclassified to Fluent English Proficient (R-FEP), they are monitored every six months for a period of two years through the use of the Monitoring Form for Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (R-FEP) Students, Form EL18. If a reclassified student is not meeting all monitoring criteria, the school must convene a meeting to evaluate the student’s progress and develop an intervention plan.  Appropriate intervention measures are required, which may include but are not limited to any of the following: specialized instructional strategies, extending learning opportunities, tutoring, student/teacher/parent conference, scheduling changes, or other interventions. The intervention plan must be turned into the English Learner Programs Department immediately following the meeting.

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