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Services Provided

Special Education students at AVHS receive instruction in four types of programs: 

  • Resource Specialist Program (RSP), in which the student is assigned to regular education classes with assistance provided in the areas of English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
  • Special Day Class (SDC), in which students receive instruction in academic core classes from a special education teacher in a smaller classroom setting. These students will be mainstreamed for physical education and electives. Special Day Classes do not meet the A-G requirements for admission into four year colleges and universities. Upon completion of their high school requirements, SDC students are eligible to attend community college and other post-secondary higher education programs.
  • Emotionally Disturbed Class (ED), in which students are in a self-contained class for instruction and mainstreamed in core classes with additional support.
  • Severely Handicapped (SH), a self-contained program that utilizes the BASICS2 Framework for Curriculum, in which students are taught daily living and work skills, with mainstream assignments for physical education and electives. These classes may lead to a Certificate of Completion.

Special Education students are tested annually and triennially to assess progress and determine placement for the following year. An IEP meeting is held with the student, parent, and school staff to review and write goals and objectives for the student.

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