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P.E. Schedule
P.E. Schedule

Students will have an extra 10 minutes of P.E. everyday. This will add up to 50 minutes of P.E. a week which is a requirement of the California Education Code.


California Education Code section 51210 requires the governing board of each school district to have an “adopted course of study for grades 1 to 6” in a variety of subjects.  Of these required courses of study, only one of them – physical education – requires a specified, minimum amount of instruction.  Specifically, physical education instruction must be “for a total period of time of not less than 200 minutes each 10 schooldays, exclusive of recesses and the lunch period.  (Education Code § 51210(g).)  A California appellate court has concluded that school districts, and therefore their teachers of students in grades 1 through 6, have a “mandatory duty” to meet this “200 minutes each 10 schooldays” requirement.

In 2013 a class action lawsuit was filed in San Francisco, against thirty seven (37) school districts including our District, alleging these school districts were failing to meet the “mandatory duty” regarding physical education instruction.  In early 2015 all district reached a settlement agreement, and it includes a court-overseen “monitoring” component.

Teacher Role in Confirming Compliance

In addition to the existing requirement to provide at least 200 minutes of PE instruction each 10 school days, through this court-approved agreement you will be required to do the following:

At the beginning of each semester, provide me a schedule “showing the days, times, and duration of scheduled Physical Education instruction.”  This can be as simple as a list of the days of the week and times of those days that PE instruction is scheduled.  Needless to say, this schedule will need to reflect 200 minutes of PE instruction every 10 schooldays.  (A form that will inform me and parents of your schedule will be provided.)

On a monthly basis, complete a form (which will also be provided) regarding PE minutes during the monthly reporting period.  If you have provided PE as scheduled and in compliance with law, you will report this fact and sign/date the form.  If not, you will indicate what caused PE minutes to be missed (weather, assembly, parents conferences, etc.), and when those minutes were made up or will be made up.

Inghram P.E. Master Schedule

Inghram P.E. Teacher's Schedule


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