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New Board Policy - Student Citation

New Board Policy 5144.3 – Student Citation

(Prepared by Student Services Division)

San Bernardino City USD | BC5144.3 – Student Citation

The San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) is committed to providing safe and healthy school environments that support all students in every aspect of their well-being. SBCUSD students, staff and parents/guardians value fair and consistent guidelines for implementing and developing a culture of discipline based on Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) and Restorative Justice principles and away from punitive approaches.

Student Citation

The Board of Education believes in expanding successful efforts to help students improve behavior and succeed academically, and as such, citations will only be issued when all other means of corrective action have been exhausted. The San Bernardino City Unified School District Police Department will enforce the “spirit of the law” versus the “letter of the law,” and will utilize proactive, non-punitive enforcement strategies that are consistent with Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) and Restorative Justice principles.

Unless all other means of corrective action have been exhausted, students will not be cited for the following misdemeanor violations:

  • a)      Day-Time Curfew Loitering
  • b)      Loitering in a Public Place
  • c)      Night-Time Curfew
  • d)     Possession of Tobacco Products
  • e)      Fights on school grounds and school-sponsored events (People v.Fernando, 2014)
  • f)       Possession of small amounts of Marijuana (Health & Safety Code 11357 b)


Instead, students committing these violations will be referred to school administrators for appropriate action consistent with the California Education Code and SBCUSD’s Progressive Discipline Matrix for corrective intervention and support. SBCUSD site administrators have primary responsibility to ensure the consistent enforcement of school rules and policies.

Citation Data Available to the Public

Disaggregated citation data will be made available to the public on a quarterly basis via the District website. Such data will be disaggregated by racial and programmatic sub-groups, and will be provided in a manner designed to maintain the privacy of individual students.

Expungement of Citations

All students who have been issued a citation will be provided detailed information, assistance, and an orientation for the students and their parents on navigating and completing the expungement process.

Services of SBCUSD Police Department

The services of the SBCUSD Police Department will be outlined annually in the SBCUSD Parent/Student handbook.

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