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Sports Physical Clinic Locations

Sports Physicals

Vibrant Life Chiropractic                                 $10 Cash
720 Brookside Ave. #104                                  Call for Appointment                      
Redlands, CA  92373 

Advanced Injury Center                                  $20 Cash
4515 Hallmark Pkwy                                          Call for Appointment
San Bernardino, CA 92407                               Bring eye glasses if needed and

(909) 648-3551                                                parent/guardian if under 18.


Fox Occupational Med Center                         $20 Cash or $25 Card Payment   
1375 Camino Real #130                                     Walk-In Only      
San Bernardino, CA  92408                               Parent or Guardian (with proof of
909-884-1500                                                   guardianship) must 
accompany student.
Mon-Fri   8–3:30 pm

La Salle Medical Clinic                                     $25 Cash/Card Payment   
565 N. Mt. Vernon Ave.                                     Call for Appointment

San Bernardino, CA  92411 

Please keep a copy of your physical for your own records in case the original gets lost at school.


Physicals must be on the district form provided in the Athletic Clearance physical packet.


*Cajon High School prefers that you use your own doctor to get your physical because your doctor knows your previous medical history.

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