San Bernardino City Unified School District
San Bernardino City Unified School District
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Ms. Journey
Middle College High School
English Teacher

1260 West Esperanza Street
San Bernardino, CA  92410

Ph: (909) 888-4041
Fx: (909) 888-4548

Philosophy / Principles:

I believe in complete transparency in the classroom. I am always explaining the “why” of the lesson to justify the “what” of the product on any given day. I would like to challenge my students to push themselves to utilize their current abilities while adding new skills to their English “Toolboxes.” In order to accomplish this, I create an open non-threatening environment where students are comfortable with what they are working on because they understand the importance of mastering that particular skill.  Being an English teacher, I often rely on figurative language to explain concepts. For example, I expect my students to “Match my bet,” everyday. This meaning that I am happy to put in the time, effort and dedication it takes to be an effective classroom teacher. Therefore, I expect the same from my students. I truly love teaching and am excited to be working with your child this school year.

How the Grades are weighted:

Assessments are worth 60% of the overall grade – a form of measurement of the skill / standard.  Some examples include: tests, quizzes, essays, projects, etc.

Practice work is worth 40% of the overall grade – guided or independent practice of the skill / standard. Some examples include: notes, worksheets, practice pages, workbooks, short answer questions, group work, short projects, etc.

Late Work Policy:

I will accept a reasonable amount of late work per year, per student. As this is a huge burden on me and tends to promote procrastination in certain students, this policy is subject to change.  If needed, students may prearrange to turn in late work if and when the circumstances permit (illness, appointments, etc.). If a student habitually submits late work and develops the tendency to deprioritize my class, then necessary changes will be made to ensure that student is nurtured in developing proper work habits.

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