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Aeries Parent Portal

Link:  Aeries Portal 

The Aeries Parent Portal allows you to look at the gradebook for each class you student is in to track their progress, grades and assignments. 

First, you need an email account.  If you don't already have one, you can sign up for free with  Your student must also have an email account.  If  your student is under 13 years old, and you would like them to set up an email account at school, your must fill out the authorization form and return it to the school.

English Creation of Student Email Account for Aeries ABI Access for students under the age of 13

Spanish crear una cuenta de correo electrónico del alumno para acceso al Aeries ABI para alumnos menores de 13 años de edad

Next, you will need the Aeries Parent portal verification form which you should have received through the mail at the start of the school year.  If you need another copy of the verification code for your student, contact Zackary Peters by email or by phone.  

Next, click the following link and click "create an account".
 Aeries Portal 

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