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Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is responsible for maintaining fiscal solvency of the district by developing the budget, monitoring and reporting the budget and expenditures for all programs and funds of San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Budget oversight requires continuous monitoring of Federal, State and Local Funding and the impact of changes in this funding to District programs. This also includes position control which monitors all staffing requests to ensure they are properly included in the budget.   In addition, Fiscal Services works closely with all school sites and departments to provide access to the resources required to serve the students of the district.  This function includes review of financial transactions for compliance with board policies and regulations, Education Code, and requirements of granting agencies.

In addition to annual budget reports, Fiscal Services prepares Interim Reports in December and March to update the Board of Education on the financial status of the district during the year.  Reports on categorical programs are completed as required by funding agencies.

Annual Report
Fiscal Services is responsible for the Annual Report, which is compiled at the close of the fiscal year and provides the District's budgetary status and expenditures for the fiscal year.   See Financial Reporting.

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Janet King

Sally Cabral
Budget Officer

Mike Razo
Budget Officer

Catherine DeBrule
Secretary III

777 N. F St.
 San Bernardino, CA  92410

Ph: (909) 381-1154
Fx: (909) 383-1375

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